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How Companies in the Netherlands use Cloud for Innovation

Posted by Koen van Schijndel on 6-nov-2018 9:30:00

Research shows that although Cloud technology is maturing substantially, the business potential is yet to be realized by most organizations (Berman et al., 2012). Especially in the context of innovation, companies are often not aware of the opportunities that Cloud inherits. For this reason, Weolcan has taken the initiative to collaborate with the Rotterdam School of Management on a research project aimed at identifying how Cloud drives innovation and to what extent the ‘digital intelligence’ of an organization plays a role. In this blog, we're happy to share the main findings of this research with you.

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Topics: Digital Strategy, Innovation, Cloud Strategie

Het waarom en hoe van de financiële analyse (business case) bij een cloudstrategie

Posted by Bart M. Veldhuis on 5-jul-2018 13:31:31

Wat kost een applicatie in mijn datacenter nu, en wat zijn de financiële consequenties van de gang naar de cloud? Geen hele ingewikkelde vraag, en zeker voor een organisatie met een cloudstrategie zou deze zo beantwoord moeten kunnen worden. Om deze reden maakt de financiële analyse, ook wel de business case, een belangrijk onderdeel uit van de cloudstrategie. Maar hoe gedetailleerd moet je precies analyseren en wat ga je vervolgens met al dat inzicht doen?

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Topics: financial analysis, business case

Transitie van ISV naar SaaS

Posted by Dirk Straat on 14-mei-2018 15:21:45

Van ISV naar SaaS leverancier - Hoe dan?

Veel traditionele software leveranciers (ISVs) realiseren zich dat hun bestaand business model van het verkopen van licenties en verlenen van ondersteuning aan de klant bij implementaties en beheer onder druk komt te staan. Dit vanwege het toenemende aantal concurrenten dat er toe over gaat om in plaats van licenties, een dienst te gaan leveren. Gezien de voordelen die een dergelijke transitie met zich meebrengen, zowel voor klant en voor leverancier, ontstaat het besef dat transformatie eerder een noodzaak is dan een kans.

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Topics: SaaS, ISV, transitie

Cloud Technology as an enabler of Innovation?

Posted by Koen van Schijndel on 30-apr-2018 18:50:04

Everybody talks about it, but academic research is lacking

Cloud and innovation have become two dominating concepts in today’s business world. Surprisingly though, insight in academic literature on how Digital innovation initiatives actually take advantage of Cloud are lacking. For this reason, Weolcan is eager to contribute to the academic landscape by collaborating with the Rotterdam School of Management on a research project that aims to identify how companies in the Netherlands exploit, or are planning to exploit Cloud to support innovation. In this blog, we'll provide you with a brief introduction to this research and explain how you can contribute as well

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Weolcan op de Microsoft Tech Summit in Amsterdam 2018

Posted by Dirk Straat on 9-apr-2018 10:56:38


Natuurlijk was ook Weolcan vertegenwoordigd bij de Tech Summit in de RAI op 28 en 29 maart om “up to speed” te blijven met de laatste ontwikkelingen in de Microsoft Azure Cloud en Microsoft Office 365. Maar natuurlijk ook om wat oude bekenden tegen te komen.

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Topics: Microsoft Azure, Hybrid Cloud

Weolcan at AWS re:Invent 2017 - Day 4

Posted by Koen van Schijndel on 4-dec-2017 9:00:00

After DJ Shiftee welcomed the audience with some early-morning beats, AWS CTO Werner Vogels was welcomed to the stage. Vogels decided to structure his keynote around reflecting on the vision he stretched during his keynote at re:Invent five years ago, in 2012, which at that time, did not contain any new announcement or features. Therefore, Vogels started by saying: "if you're only here for new announcements, than please leave now, because there won't be any....naah, actually there might be one or two". Since our minds were already blown by all the new announcement that were made by Andy Jassy the day before, we were happy to sit back, relax and enjoy Vogel's vision and enthusiasm! In this blog we wil provide you with a brief summary.

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Weolcan at AWS re:Invent 2017 - Day 3

Posted by Christian van Barneveld on 1-dec-2017 8:00:00

This morning (29th of November 2017) we felt like 16-year old girls at a Harry Styles concert. The amount of new features and services that was announced by AWS CEO Andy Jassy during his keynote this morning, almost made us faint. Jassy compared "builders" (=Cloud Architects) with musicians. Both do not want to be limited by the building blocks when 'composing' an application. Therefore, AWS is willing to do everything in their power to facilitate these builders in this. In this third day's blog, we're happy to share some of the most interesting announcements. 

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Weolcan at AWS re:Invent 2017 - Day 2

Posted by Koen van Schijndel on 30-nov-2017 9:00:00

For Koen, Day 2 started with the 4KM Charity Run over the streets of Las Vegas, with the goal to support the Girls Who Code foundation, which is aimed at closing the gender gap in tech. Looking at the average visitor of re:Invent 2017 (over 80% men?) this is definetely needed. We'll use this day's blog to bundle insights from several sessions that we've followed.

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Weolcan at AWS re:Invent 2017 - Day 1

Posted by Koen van Schijndel on 29-nov-2017 9:00:00

After a comfortable flight we arrived safely in Las Vegas, where the 23rd floor of ‘The Mirage’ -with Strip view- will provide us with some good night’s rest to be able to absorb all that re:Invent 2017 has to offer. With 50.000 visitors (twice as much as the largest VMworld USA conference) the event has completely sold-out, which makes us already wondering what next year’s event will bring in terms of location and logistics.

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Opties voor data versleuteling bij AWS

Posted by Bart M. Veldhuis on 21-nov-2017 12:38:02

Disk encryptie van de cloud provider kan in sommige gevallen worden gebruikt om te voorkomen dat er een melding van een datalek moet worden gedaan bij de autoriteit persoonsgegevens. Nou zijn er verschillende situaties denkbaar waarbij een dergelijk incident ontstaat. In dit artikel gebruik ik er vier, maar ik realiseer me dat dit zeker geen uitputtende lijst is.

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